Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Brief History of Our Home

It all began in 1958. Mr. Alex Kosmin and his wife, Gloria, find the perfect home in suburban Eastern Washington State. They buy the home in mid-March 1958 for a whopping $15,000. Mr. Kosmin, a traveling salesman by trade, provides a comfortable life for his family. They live very happily in the home for about 5 years until, due to a job relocation, the Kosmins sell their home to Herbert (H.W.) and Bernice Herzer in March 1963. The Herzers, both retired, don't make many changes to the home, but take very good care of it. They live in the home for some 20 years. When Mr. Herzer dies in the early 1980s, Mrs. Herzer decides to sell the home and move somewhere smaller and more appropriate for someone of her age. The home is then inhabited by two more small families over the next 20-odd years until. . .us. We buy the home in September 2006 and live happily ever after. Fin.

*Picture above ca. 1959

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