Monday, October 16, 2006

The House We Almost Bought

Here is a photo of the house we almost bought. I know, it kind of looks like a double-wide and the colors are horrible, but it was really a cool house. Built in 1957, it's in the same neighborhood as our current home (Wedgewood Ranch). When we first saw this house, we immediately fell in love with how retro it was. It had cedar beam ceilings that literally went throughout the house (even the bathrooms and garage had it), floor to ceiling windows, an enclosed sun porch, and a huge fireplace. It was being sold by the original owner, so virtually nothing had been changed in the nearly 50 years since it had been built. I still dream about what we could have done to this house, it was that cool. Unfortunately, though, we realized that it was not a practical house for us to live in. With all of its charm, it still needed mucho work. Anyway, in the end, we got a way better house for our family.

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