Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Living Room

Well, we've finally decided to tackle the living room. Being that it is the first room you see upon entering our home, it's about time we do something. In all actuality, though, there's not really a whole lot that needs to be done in there, basically just cosmetic things.

We decided to begin with an area rug, since most interior designers say to start with the rug to get color ideas. We searched for the perfect rug, but had little luck finding something we both agreed on. We finally chose this one:

It's hand-hooked wool and it's absolutely perfect for the color scheme we're hoping to go with. Right now, the wall above the fireplace is already painted a color we actually like. It's the one in the upper right corner:

We think that it will really warm it up in there. Right now it has a hideous faux finish on the walls which looks really cheap and pretty boring. Anyway, we're hoping this will all come together soon. Actually, it's kind of fun when you only have to worry about paint and a rug...compared to the rest of my projects, this one's a piece of cake!

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Poppy said...

Love your color choices for your living room!

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