Friday, November 16, 2007

Fox Theater

For those of you who love Art Deco style, here are some photos of a big old theater (The Fox, built 1931) in my hometown that is currently undergoing major restoration. It will be the new home of the Symphony. It is absolutely breathtaking to see in person.

Have a look:


Stephanie said...

Gasp! It's soooooo gorgeous! It's so nice to see a building like this being restored. Many of them end up flattened by a wrecking ball. If you are interested in historic theaters, you might want to check out the documentary "Preserve Me a Seat":

I personally am an old theater nut. I led the restoration of a 1940s Streamline Moderne theater here in Portland, Oregon about two years ago and had the time of my life doing it:

Sandy said...

We have a Fox Theatre here in Michigan (Detroit) and it was restored to its original glory a while ago. It's a beautiful place, and your Fox looks like it is going to be beautiful, too!

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