Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Toilet blues

This is a terribly pathetic post.

Ever since we moved into our home, I have been very proud of the fact that the toilet and sink in our main bathroom are original to the house. I know, that's weird. Let me explain, though. Our home has seen a lot of crappy (pardon the pun) updating/remodeling over the years and through all of that, the original toilet and sink survived. It gives me some sort of "satisfaction" knowing that those two items have always been part of my home.

Well, happiness doesn't last forever. In just this last week, I've noticed that both the toilet and sink are cracked (and are leaking like sieves). It's especially sad because both are in otherwise perfect condition, no chips, stains, etc. Here are some photos of what my toilet looked like exactly (I found these pictures on ebay...the toilet is listed for $495!!!):

So, needless to say, I've decided that they need to be replaced. I bought the new ones today and was actually cheered up a little when I noticed how much water they will save compared to the old ones. That's good news...right?

Here are the new fixtures I bought:

The toilet
The sink (not this faucet)

The faucet
I'll post actual pictures soon...


50s Pam said...

Hi Chris. You did good. When I was shopping for bathroom fixtures a couple of years ago, there were lots of really bad ones. You were right to go simple and streamlined.

Chris said...

Thanks, Pam. I know what you mean by the "really bad ones"...i.e. Victorian on steroids.

50s Pam said...

It's really too bad there are no true 50s repro's yet. I LOVE your former toilet, the lines were so beautiful. Alas. You know you've got renovation fever when you care so intensely about such things!

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