Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Neighbor

We have this large yellow forsythia wreath hanging right next to our front door. We have always put a wreath up in this spot, and never really thought anything of it. Anyway, a few weeks ago, we noticed that there was this robin spending ridiculous amounts of time out on our front porch. Every time we would step outside, there she would be, watching every move we made. Well, needless to say, a few days later we noticed that there was a perfect little nest built right on top of the wreath! No eggs yet, but the 'mother' is spending a lot of time in there.

I was finally able to snap a few photos of the robin sitting inside her nest today. Too funny...


kingstreetfarm said...

OK that is adorable!! I hope that if she does decide to lay her eggs there, that they'll be safe and not too disturbed by the traffic in and out of the house. What a funny, silly bird she is, but it sure makes for a heck of a cute picture!

Jennifer said...

oh, how cute! What a nice little nest.

grafix1da said...

so very sweet! I once had a robin build it's nest on the window sill of an old apartment I rented. It was out of site on the outside with vines, but I had a front row seat on every move they made. watched them hatch, be fed, watched as the bold one out of the 3 crawl out of the nest and walk around on the sill until mama came back to feed. I even got to watch them fly off. I worked at home and my computer was right next to this window, so I got to see it all, and take lots of pictures.


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