Friday, September 05, 2008


For over a year now, we have been working very hard on transforming the outside of our home, front and back. We started last year by replacing the ugly, rotting siding on the house, and painting it a fresh, new color scheme. After that, we were so spent (both physically and financially) that we decided to wait on landscaping and other improvements.

Well, this last Spring, we were finally ready to take it on. We started by ripping out all of the old shrubs, and replacing them with new, lower maintenance plants. Also, as you can see in a previous post, we replaced our deteriorating concrete patio. Over the course of about fifteen months, we can finally say that it's done, and it looks fantastic! We were pretty darn busy during that time, but the final results are amazing...exactly what we had envisioned.

So, last night we were sitting in our living room, when this older lady comes to our front door. She tells us that she lives in the neighborhood and drives by our home everyday. She then goes on to say that she just wanted to stop by and tell us that she thinks we have the best looking house on the entire street. She loves every single thing that we've done and even wants the name/number of the company that replaced our siding. She just went on and on. It was really very sweet.

It was so nice to hear some feedback from one of our neighbors. We really put a lot of work into everything, and it feels good to be told we did a good job. Now we can finally relax and enjoy our hard work.


grafix1da said...

Good for you! Isn't it nice that a neighbor would go out of the way to compliment your hard work.
Keep it up!

StuccoHouse said...

Quite a nice compliment! Its kind of funny how good total stranger can make you feel, huh? When I pulled down my aluminum trim and started scraping old paint, things at my house were looking really bleak. An older guy stopped one day whenI was outside and told me he really thought I was doing the right thing. He had done the same thing to his house 10 yrs earlier and knew how much work it was. Made all the difference to me. He still periodically walks his dogs by my house and offers encouragement. I have been trying to do the same when I see other people outside working on something.

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