Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Basement Potential

Now that the weather is getting too cold to lounge around outside, I've been thinking a lot about creating some sort of comfy oasis to escape to on those particularly cold Winter nights to come. Naturally, I first thought about making one of our spare bedrooms into just that spot, but after thinking about it a little longer, I brushed that idea off...our spare bedrooms really aren't large enough to facilitate my "vision". Then, it occured to me, why not use the basement? I'm a genius, I thought to myself. Who would have ever thought to turn a basement into a family room? DUH?

I've never really had any real attachment to our basement. It seems like such a blah. It's one of those daylight basements with an outside entrance, blue-green carpeting, and that quintessential knotty pine paneling that was painted white several years ago by previous owners. It really screams "boring". Hopefully, I'll change all that, though.

Here are some pictures to give you a better idea:

The second photo is a little nook, or, "office", if you will (that's what we call it anyway). There is also a kitchenette thingy and wet bar area.

I have some pretty big plans for this room. If you're smart, you'll stay tuned to see the whole transformation...whenever that may be.

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