Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Beautiful Bungalow

Sometimes I think (to myself) that I should have bought a craftsman bungalow to live in and restore. That style of home has to be one of my favorites. Our first house was sort of reminiscent of that style and we loved it. Unfortunately, it was too small for our growing family and we decided to move. When we found our current home, we fell in love with the functionality of the ranch-style home...so open and large. Anyway, I thought I'd gotten over my love affair with the craftsman style until I saw a house for sale in a very desirable neighborhood in town. I had to see the inside (even though I wasn't even considering purchasing it). Anyway, here are some random pictures for all you bungalow lovers to drool over:

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Sachem Head said...

Wow. Sexy wood details!

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