Monday, December 18, 2006

Dining Room Light Help

Okay, I know that the time periods are way off, but there's this light fixture by Rejuvenation that I absolutely love! It's called the Fremont. Here's a picture:

This is such a cool light fixture. I really want to get it to hang in my dining room. The problem is, would it look stupid to hang such a fixture in my style of home? For reference, here is a picture of my dining room:

This picture is old, but it still gives you an idea. It looks a lot different now that we've painted it and removed the hideous wallpaper border. I really hate the light in there now (the one seen in the picture). It looks more like it belongs in a hallway or an entryway. Anyway, I'd love some feedback. Would an Art Deco light fixture look out of place in a ranch-style home?


Poppy said...

I'm not expert but I really like the fixture you've chosen and I don't see any reason why you can't use it in your dining room.

If it makes you happy...go for it :)

Chris said...

I totally agree...I'm just a little self-conscious, that's all!

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