Monday, April 16, 2007

Fascia, Soffit and Gutter Fun!

About four months ago, I noticed that the fascia on my home was beginning to split and warp in various places. At first, I thought it was nothing, but as most of you know, any "little" problem with your home is always something far worse than you originally expect. It turns out that when my roof was put on about two years ago, the "genius" that installed it didn't leave any overhang. He simply cut it off right at the very edge so that water would constantly run down the front of the fascia when it rained...and of course, we don't have any gutters. I'm pretty sure you can see where this one is going. Let me put it in algebraic terms:

(Water + Wood Fascia) - Gutters = Rotten Wood Fascia

Argh! The sad part is, it doesn't end there. When I got to the garage, I discovered that in addition to the fascia being rotten, the soffit was also destroyed (dry rot). Great!!!! More work!!!!

Hey, don't leave yet...there is a happy ending to this story. These past few weeks, I decided to replace all of the fascia, wrap it in PVC-coated aluminum fascia wrap, replace the damaged soffit and install new seamless gutters. Yikes! I did all of that? Not exactly. I actually hired a reputable company here to do the brunt of the work (i.e. the stuff I was too scared to do myself). It turned out beautifully! I'm very happy!

Anyway, I'll post some photos in the next few days.

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