Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Exterior Stuff...

Now that Spring (weather, that is) has finally decided to "make an appearance" this upcoming weekend (70+ degree temps are predicted...I'm keeping my fingers crossed), and we just got done replacing all of the old, rotten fascia (see previous post), I'm getting antsy to paint the front of my house. It has taken us a long time to decide on a fitting color scheme, but we think we've finally done it. The reason it took so long stemmed from numerous factors. First, we didn't want something that looked like everyone else's in the neighborhood. Second, we didn't want something that would potentially be copied by numerous others in the neighborhood. And third, we wanted something we (my wife and I) both agreed on (this coincidentally, wasn't the hardest part...go figure!).

Well, to make a long story short, we've decided on this palette:

The main color is called "Sycamore Tan" from the Sherwin Williams "Suburban Modern" exterior paint collection. The reddish color is called "Rookwood Red", also from SW. And finally, the black is SW's "Tricorn Black".

Here's a photo (old) of the front:

1. Painting the yellow portion with the Sycamore Tan.

2. Keeping the black window trim, just freshening it up with the Tricorn Black.

3. Painting the front door in the Rookwood Red.

Not a whole lot, but we think it will definitely give the house better curb appeal. We also bought some really cool new light fixtures for the garage and porch. I think they are sort of "arts and crafts meets mid-century modern"...very cool. Here they are:

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grafix1da said...

It should look gorgeous when you're done, nice color choices

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