Monday, August 06, 2007

More Old Photos of the Neighborhood

Just for fun, here are more old pictures from the neighborhood with current ones to compare:

I was careful about cropping the old photos so you could see the dates on them. I know that my home does not appear in any of these photos, but thought they were cool nonetheless. All of these homes are very close to mine, though (either across the street or behind, etc.). I love old photos, there is something about looking into the past, if you will, that really intrigues me.


jenw said...

I'm glad you loaded these in. The trees and foundation plantings are mature, but the facades remain pretty well intact.

Where did you find your old photos? I would love to uncover photos like that for my own neighborhood, a small, wooded subdivision built in the early 1970s.

Jen Wolf

Chris said...

Jen - I actually obtained the photos from the local branch of the Washington State Archives. I believe that most of these photos are from old property tax field books. Most county assessors around the country keep these old photos for only six years. However, my county assessor's office donated all these photos to the State Archives several years ago.

I recommend that you check the Secretary of State's website (for your state) and contact your regional State Archives to see if they have any old property tax records from your county. Otherwise, contact your county assessor's office and inquire about old property tax records and what was done with them. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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