Friday, August 03, 2007

More of My Home's Past

I recently discovered some photos of my neighbor's homes taken between 1959 and 1960. Who cares, you say, about photos of the neighbors homes??? I do...mostly because they show different views of my beloved neighborhood back when my home was new, and each photo shows a tiny sliver of my house from another angle.

For instance:

In this photo, you can see part of the backside of my house. It seems that nothing has been changed, except for a fence between the two yards. Also, it appears that the much hated retaining wall in the backyard is original to the home.

And in this photo, you can see...well, you can't see much of anything, but the garage. I like it though...I can see that the neighbor's house hasn't changed much since then.

Here are the two homes now:

Anyway, I know this is complete boredom to everyone else...I just thought it was interesting.


StuccoHouse said...

I just about died when I discovered that my neighbors across the street bought the house from their elderly aunt.....whose family had a lovely habit of taking family photos out in their front yard....with my house in the background. I've spent hours pouring over & enlarging those old photos. Congrats on your find.

jenw said...

These are cool photos! You might want to post them on the new Flickr group, Exterior Ranch-Style House Photos, started by Laurie who authors the 1951 Ranch Redo blog. To visit the group or to join and post, go to and type the name of the group into the "Find a group" search bar. There are about 20 photos up there, now.

Chris said...

Stucco - Thanks! Even though my home is just a blurry dot in the background of these photos, I really enjoyed seeing them. It was interesting to see my neighborhood from different angles back when it was a new housing development. I also liked seeing the plants and trees (or lack thereof) when they were much was cool.

Jen - Thanks for the post! I hadn't been to your site before and I love it! Thanks for the Flickr tip, too...I think I will try to post these photos over there.

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